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How heavy is it?
As a guide, you can calculate the volume of your surface by multiplying the width by the length by the depth (WxLxD) using centimeters.
A cube of CAST concrete measuring 10x10x10 (ie.1litre) weighs approx. 2.3kg. We would advise you to ensure your cabinets are strong enough as some reinforcement may be required.

What size can you make?
The maximum 'standard' surface size for each piece is 2400mm by 1200mm. Obviously access on site will determine proportions, as will consideration of the total weight of the piece.

For one off products and special orders, eg a bath, these limitations do not necessarily apply.

What colour does it come in?
We have 6 standard colours available as shown here.

These colours can be un-ground or ground to expose the stones.

Un-pigmented mixes are used to produce naturally coloured materials.

We also have a range of custom colours which may be mixed to your requirements.

Many factors can influence the appearance and colour, including the amount of grinding and polishing and the type of aggregate, sand and cement used.

Any samples seen/provided are to be considered guides only and are not a guarantee of the final product appearance.


What surface finish can I have?
Surface finishes from smooth polished, to rough, are possible with varying levels of grinding to progressively expose more aggregate. (Exposed aggregate can still be smooth and polished)

What edges are available?
Our standard edge is straight or vertical with a pencil round hand-finished corner.

What kind of sink would you suggest using?
We recommend under-mounted steel sinks, as they generally look great against the concrete. Please take a look at our recommended range shown here

What splash backs are available?
Custom splash backs are available with a minimum thickness of 20mm

Can I have a basin built-in?
It is possible to create a built in basin depending on the design of the surface and the basin.

Can I have/see some samples?
We provide small samples of our 'standard' mix designs via the post.
We have a wide range of colour and product samples available for view (by appointment) at our workshop.
Please ask for details.

We have a range of non-standard colour pigments which can be used to create bespoke samples for a fee.Please ask for details.

We offer a colour mixing service for one off colours for a fee. Please ask for details.





Do you have a showroom?
Our web site and work shop are our showroom. Our workshop can be visited by appointment.

Can your products be used outside?
Yes. It is important to indicate that a product is to be used outside as we will alter the mix to reduce the chances of cracking during freezing weather.

What special features do you do?
By choosing to use concrete as your surface material you have a huge range of possible ways you can customize your surface. These can include inserts such as fossils, beads, stones, glass, metal chain, plastic toys and many, many other things. The surface can be ground and polished to different degrees to create variations across the surface.
It is even possible to have images imprinted into the surface.
Fibre optic lighting can be incorporated.

Draining areas can be custom designed.

The possibilities are only restricted by your imagination.

What else do you make?
We can make basins, baths, furniture, floor and wall sheets and tiles, garden furniture and ornaments, shower trays and wet rooms, fire surrounds and hearths, shelves, table tops, splash backs, window sills and much more.

Just call and ask.

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Polished concrete: bar tops, architectural products, worktops, sinks, stairs and treads, floors, table tops, wall panels, bath surrounds, baths, vanity surfaces, shower trays, floors fire surrounds, benches, interior and exterior