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How much is it?
Prices are generally calculated on a project by project basis as we produce such a wide variety of products. For a general worktop starting price guide see below:

For work top surfaces prices start at £300 per meter based on a depth of up to 600mm and an edge thickness of 40mm, Un-pigmented natural grey with a polished un-ground semi gloss finish.
There is a minimum charge of £500 per order.

For non-work top surfaces prices start at £280 per meter based on a depth of up to 500mm and an edge thickness of 20mm, Un-pigmented natural grey with a polished un-ground semi gloss finish.
There is a minimum charge of £500 per order.

For one off products such as basins or baths prices are always calculated per project. Colouring prices are calculated according to the colour selected.

Knockouts for sinks, hobs, taps etc. are additional and are calculated according to the complexity of shape, whether surface or under mounted and the thickness of the surface.

Additional items such as drainers, metal rods, trivets, splash backs etc. are calculated according to design.

Templating, delivery and fitting (where applicable) are normally additional and are calculated according to location and weight.

Do you deliver / fit abroad?
We can deliver and fit abroad if required. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How heavy is concrete/our product?
As a rough guide our mix our materials weigh approx.2.3kg per Ltr.

If you need to calculate the approximate weight of your product multiply the width x depth x thickness of the main pieces (cms) then calculate the volume of any knockout in the surface by the same method and subtract the knockout volume from the overall volume.
Then multiply this number by 2.3

The resulting number will be the guide weight of the product in Kg.

What info. does Concreations need so I can receive an estimate?
We will need accurate dimensions (length, depth, thickness) of the surfaces required, a drawing of their layout, indicating the position, size and shape of all knockouts / inserts.


What info. cont. Details on surface: colour, appearance (grinding) and finish (polishing). The preferred position of joins between sections (max length 2400mm) It is worth noting that it may be necessary for us to change the layout of the joints in the surfaces.We also require the location of the project and contact details.

If you cannot answer all the questions we may still be able to provide a rough estimate but it may need to be altered later.

Will normal chipboard carcasses support the weight of your products?
Our products are often placed on to these types of unit. However as there are so many differing levels of material and manufacturing quality we cannot guarantee that they can. The design of the surface will also dictate the thickness and therefore the weight.

We can recommend how you can strengthen your carcasses. Please ask for details.

How do I organise cut-outs for sinks and hobs?
We will need an accurate template of the knockout or dimensions, prior to beginning the project. This normally comes with the product when purchased.

Do you create templates?
Yes, prices for templating are based on location and size of order.

Can I provide templates?
Yes you can. Please contact us to discuss our requirements.

Can I send you dimensions and drawings to work from?
Yes, the more accurate your work the better.

How long does it take to make?
This really depends on the specifics of the project and the workload we have at the time the order is placed, but as a guide allow between 6-8 weeks from placing the order to delivery.

Can I be involved in or add personal touches to the design the design?
Yes, we encourage you to think of alternative ideas and personal items to be used as inserts. That's what make it fun.

Where will your branding be on the product?
Our branding is normally positioned on the edge thickness of a surface and is quite subtle.

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Polished concrete: bar tops, architectural products, worktops, sinks, stairs and treads, floors, table tops, wall panels, bath surrounds, baths, vanity surfaces, shower trays, floors fire surrounds, benches, interior and exterior