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Will the surface stain?
Surfaces and products will be treated with sealer to help prevent staining and for hygiene purposes. However, liquids and foodstuffs should not be allowed to remain on the surface. Some strongly colored or oily ingredients may cause discoloration if left on the surface.

Which polish should I use?
Depending on the finish applied, a carnauba or bees wax can be used to polish a surface or product.

Regular polishing will keep your surface looking beautiful and help defend against staining by creating a barrier. Polishing is the first defense and is important. Without regular polishing the surface may dull and be stained more easily.

There are some cleaning products which also polish. These products may also help reduce staining. Please click here for details

Is it waterproof?
Once the sealer has been applied the concrete is more resistant to water as long as the sealed surface remains undamaged. The sealer should be reapplied periodically depending on intensity of use. The regular application of wax polish is an important part of the surfaces defenceagainst liquids.

How do I clean it?
Our surfaces and products should be cleaned with warm soapy water using a bleach free cleaning product such as Ecover or specialist cleaning products. Scrubbing with abrasive powders or pads is not recommended as this may dull and damage the surface sheen and sealer coating. Corrosive / solvent materials and cleaners should be avoided.


Can I cut or chop on it?
Cutting and chopping or any other abrasive action should be done on a chopping board and not directly on the surface or product.

Will it chip?
Edges / corners of the surface or product can be chipped if knocked by heavy items. Care should be taken when using heavy pots and pans.

It may be possible to mend chipped or damaged items. (Please contact us for details).

Can I put hot pots on it?
Our surfaces / products are inherently heat resistant but the surface sealants used may be damaged or discolored by the heat from a hot utensil. We recommend the use of heat resistant pads or trivets.

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Polished concrete: bar tops, architectural products, worktops, sinks, stairs and treads, floors, table tops, wall panels, bath surrounds, baths, vanity surfaces, shower trays, floors fire surrounds, benches, interior and exterior