who we are

Established in 2005, we were one of the first companies in the UK producing bespoke polished concrete to the UK market. We now have more than 15 years experience of all things concrete.


We are a creative artisan concrete company based in the beautiful Kent countryside, specialising in the design and manufacture of handmade bespoke polished (and textured) concrete products and surfaces. We have produced concrete products such as worktops, vanity, counter and table tops, decorative panels, basins, baths, shower trays, reception desks, POS, seating, fire surrounds and hearths, shelves, window sills and surrounds and many others.

We have produced pieces for clients all over the UK, europe and as far away as the middle east.

We aim to create beautiful, striking and functional bespoke concrete for our clients by embracing the natural character of our concrete. The versatility of our bespoke polished concrete provides endless creative possibilities in appearance, texture and sculptural form, so your creativity can run away with itself.


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what we do

We love concrete, everything about the stuff (except maybe the clean-up)!

With its beautiful imperfections, its potential for sculptural forms, intricate individuality, solidity and permanence, our bespoke polished concrete provide a wealth of design possibilities allowing your creativity to run wild.

Our bespoke concrete can be created in a wide variety of colours, from natural tones to any combination of contemporary blues, greens, yellows and reds. Surfaces can be smooth, textured, ground to expose various levels of decorative aggregate or left naturally raw with blow holes, folds and pits for that striking industrial/urban look. We can include personal touches such as etched or moulded lettering, fossils, resin bonded items and much more and it's natural character ensures no two products are exactly alike.

At Concreations we strive to advance the use of concrete as an aesthetic and functional material for both interior and exterior projects within commercial and residential settings.

We work closely with clients, architects and designers to achieve a coherent, practical creative solution resulting in beautiful, functional concrete products.


Our concrete can change with time and use, reflecting the lives lived with and around it. Whether and how it changes is subject to how you live with and care for it. Over its lifetime your concrete may acquire a unique visual narrative of the lives that have embraced it, much as an old leather sofa conjures memories of times past.

Our bespoke concrete has multiple layers of thinly applied sealer to make caring for it easier. Whilst concrete surfaces can mark during use the new range of purpose made PU hybrid sealers are better at protecting the surface from general use and spills than ever before, leaving concrete products with a natural satin/mat, hygienic surface that does not appear to be coated with a lacquer. After all, why bother to have concrete and then cover it in thick varnish!

Our bespoke concrete is produced from materials selected through our years of experience that are combine to produce our own unique, in house mix designs. We use small batch mixers, hand tools and specialist production equipment, combined with our unique manufacturing techniques and production methods to achieve our particular look .


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who we do it for

Since 2005 we have completed a very wide range of work for clients from largest multinational chains to small private residential projects.

We have provided bespoke concrete and in-store finishes for companies including Samsung, Amazon, Nike at Harrods, Royal Mail, Electronic Art, Nandos, Sweaty Betty, OffSpring, Tortilla, Leeds Collage, University of Kent, and many, many others.

We've worked with more architect, interior design, landscape garden design and manufacturing firms than we can list not to mention the numerous private clients.

We have created feature bespoke concrete for many, many homes in and around the UK, Europe and beyond, as well as in feature homes of the rich and famous (but we can't talk about that!).