Concrete is recognised as comparable to granite, quartz, marble, limestone and the many synthetic material types available on the market and as such can be used in a similar way. Whilst our concrete has its own unique visual character, it offers a similar solid, dense mineral surface and through the use of modern sealers, can be resilient to the rigours of use.

There are however some very important differences between our concrete and the many mass produced products on the market. We are not a finishing house for sheet materials, imported from elsewhere, cutting holes and polishing edges.

We produce our products here in the UK, in-house from scratch at every stage of the process, combining raw materials to our own in-house mix designs and our moulds from sketches to finished form. Our processes are very involved and lengthy, with many individual steps. We are not robots. Our hands and sweat make our products utilising skills and techniques gained over many years of experience, trial and error, combined with love for our craft.

Whilst we strive to work to within the tolerance of a split millimetre, we are not robots and don’t want to be!

We are concrete artisans and our concrete and products have character. Some say imperfect, however we value character and substance over fast food style repetition! The point is - it's not supposed to be 'perfect'.

This is true even when products are produced from the same mix batch at the same time, subtle differences will be apparent, just as no two trees are the same and no two pieces of wood are the same.

That's the beauty of our concrete!


Perhaps you have a wealth of creative ideas, you've seen something thats given you inspiration or perhaps there's just a tricky space that needs something? We can produce a piece from scratch; to your design, in the mix you require, using the concrete which works best for your project.

By no means exhaustive, but as a guide we produce kitchen worktops, sinks, splashbacks, basins, baths, vanity tops, fire surrounds, hearths, stairtreads, firetables, window cills, wall panels, bowls, indoor and outdoor surfaces, reception desks, conference tables, tea points, serveries, planters just to mention a few. If you need something not listed, just call and ask.

We have a range of standard colours, that can include exposed decorative aggregate and sand to varying degrees (subject to the the design details). You can add various pigments for neutral tones, wild bright colours or just keep things natural. Concrete can be further personalised with surface patterns or the inclusion of inserts such as fossils, beads, stones, plastic toys even fibre optics that twinkle for that bit of bling! It is also possible to have images, text or patterns imprinted into the surface with an amazing level of detail.

off the shelf & made to order

With so many bespoke product options available we thought we would try to simplify the choice by producing some ready made and pre-designed made to order pieces.

We have been hard at work developing our new range of concrete basins and bowls.

In our ROC basin range each piece is individually hand crafted using a unique technique developed in house, resulting in a striking feature piece of functional art to suit any location.

These pieces are more than just basins and would not look out of place in a gallery!

We have focused on retaining the natural beauty of the concrete and have embraced the patina, movement and colours of the material in its raw form.

At times we push harder with this evolving range, with multiple and vibrant shades, patterns and crisp multi-tone margins.

These basins and bowls can be purchased off the shelf, made to order or used as a basis for you to design your own bespoke product in shape, colour and size to fit your space perfectly.

Click here to see our new ROC basin range.

products for sale

The products you will find in this area may be here for many different reasons ranging from, the result of in-house R & D to products produced for clients that made alterations to the project specification after production had taken place or sometimes even we can make a mistake somewhere along the way (remember we're only human!).  These are still quality products but are in need of a loving home! They may be in random colours, sizes, shapes and styles from surfaces to basin seating to steps, however they could just be the bargain your looking for!

Photos coming soon. Call us for information on what is available